Spider Bite & ID Guide

A Flamboyant pink, red, yellow, and black spider shown on a green leaf.Welcome to BadSpiderBites.com, where you’ll find amazing photos and information on spiders, their bites, and how to avoid them.

Spiders are found all over the world, and while many are harmless to humans, there are a few that give the rest a bad name. We’ll explain where you can expect to find them and what to do if bitten – these dangerous spiders can cause the loss of body parts or even death if not treated immediately.

Here is what you can expect:

  • We’ll explain what spiders have deadly bites and how to avoid them, including symptoms of spider bites that include mild and severe reactions.
  • We provide tips for preventing spider bites, such as what to wear when gardening, being careful not to get within attacking distance (they can jump!), and more.
  • We share the popular methods for treating spider bites and when you should seek medical attention.
  • How to get rid of spiders by using safe all-natural products that don’t harm you or the environment.

We have an incredible collection of spider bite pictures that our visitors have shared over the last ten years that you can use to help identify spiders and the unexpected damage these bites can cause.

If you have a spider and are unsure what kind it is or would like to share your amazing photos with others, please don’t hesitate to upload them.