Upload your Spider & Bite Photos

Did you find a spider in your home and want to identify it?

Perhaps you’ve been bitten and wondering what bit you?

Colorful spider ready to bite.

Colorful spider ready to bite.

If you have been bitten and would like help identifying the spider (or other insects), please take photos and use the form below to upload them; we’ll do our best to give you an idea of what may have bit you.

We also have an identification page where you can help identify a spider or help identifying a bite.

We’ve been around for 15+ years, and of all the comments people left about their bites, these three tips stand out!

  • Do not pop the bite to get the pus out! It may be tempting, but it could cause more damage than you can imagine!
  • Do not delay treatment – see your doctor; a day or more delay could do incredible damage!
  • Capture the insect that bit you, if it’s possible to do it safely – the spiders can jump far, and you don’t want to risk making matters worse. Take a picture from a distance, etc.

Spider Bite Photo Upload

We had to discontinue this free service; it was time consuming and taking away from other services.

Thank you!