Brown Spider

Brown Spider, Family Sicariidae (Loxoscelidae) has other names as well, including violin spider, Arizona brown spider, fiddle spider, necrotizing spider and of course, the brown recluse.

Close-up of a brown spider on the hunt for prey.The brown spider is small and inconspicuous with slightly darker brown markings on the cephalothorax. These markings vaguely resemble the shape of a violin, hence the common names ‘violin’ or ‘fiddle’ spider. The species native to this area are closely related to the infamous brown recluse of the Midwestern United States, but the markings are less obvious.

Where the Brown Spider Lives.

Distribution and Habitat of the Brown Spider occur in the southern United States through Mexico and Central America. These spiders like to hide among desert debris and around dwellings.

The bite of a Brown spider can be dangerous to humans and may result in loss of limb or life depending on the neglect of treatment and other factors. The average person bitten by a brown spider usually suffers from a spreading sore. If you think you have been bitten by a brown spider bite, seek medical attention sooner than later!