Giant spider webs that cover a forest.

Giant Spider Webs

Doctor cautions about spider bite video being too gross to watch.

Spider Bite Video

Bad reaction to tick showing lyme disease and blister inside red circle.

Lyme Disease: Tick Bite and Detailed Pictures

Spider on drugs and the impact a drug can have on an insect.

Spiders On Drugs

Necrotic arachnidism syndrome: lifecycle of a spider.

Necrotic Arachnidism Syndrome

Close up of a hard tick that is very engorged aka ixodidae.


Tularemia or rabbit fever is spread from blood or tissue while handling infected animals such as the bite of an infected tick, symptoms include

Spider on Dew

Spiders on Dew

Giant hornet on hand bigger than a finger.

Giant Hornet

Spider on drugs playing in powder.

Spider on Crack

St. Andrew's Cross Spider in zig zag web is an orb weaver.

Spiral Orb Web – Orb Wheel Construction

Spider web in the morning dew.

More on Spiders

Shingles is shown on this woman's chest red and pimple like.


Doctor discussing Juvenile Diabetes with child.

Misdiagnosis of Juvenile Diabetes

Giant black sea spider standing over man on a beach.

Giant Sea Spiders

Actinic keratosis shown on hand.

Actinic keratosis

Psychic power of insects 1 of 2.

Psychic powers of insects – 1

Psychic power of insects 2 of 2.

Telepathic Powers of Insects and Ants Part 2

Psychic powers of insects published a long time ago. This is Part two of one.