Pictures of Spiders: See the Dangerous Ones!

If you have found a spider and would like to know what kind you have, flip through our pictures to see if there is a match. We believe this is the largest collection on the internet today!

Did you find a spider and need to identify it? If so, upload your picture and we’ll have a look. It is Very important to let us know where you found the spider, such as location (state, etc).

Is it Venomous?

Most spiders will not harm you, however, a brown recluse can do an incredible amount of damage – most of the shocking pictures found on this site were caused by a brown recluse bite!

The “violin” or “fiddleback” shape everyone warns about is in fact, hard to find and most often doesn’t look like a violin or fiddle at all; the claim that it is only located in certain region is also wrong, as proven by the many comments left on this website. Brown recluses and less than 1% of all spiders, have 6 eyes in 3 pairs with one of those pairs located in the center.