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Doctor cautions about spider bite video being too gross to watch.Warning: This is a very disturbing Spider Bite Video and may cause those with weak stomachs to vomit! It is a video of a young man bitten by a spider on the face and records himself as he squeezes the pus from the bite. There was sound with this video, but because it contained vulgarity, it was removed – this also improved video speed.

There is a lot of pus, and as I watched it, it sent chills down my spine. I highly recommend you not play the video if you don’t like blood and pus!

This Spider Bite Video was posted to inform those of what can happen if you leave a spider bite untreated!

The whitish-yellow substance shown in this spider bite video (pus) is produced during the body’s inflammatory responses. The pocket of pus shown in this video contains a protein-rich fluid, liquor puris, and dead neutrophils (white blood cells), which are part of the body’s innate immune response.

Neutrophils move to the site of infection and engulf and kill bacteria. After it has killed a bacterium, the neutrophil dies and is what you see dripping out of the bite area.

Video may be Disturbing!

Again, this video of the spider bite may be disturbing!

Note: We removed this, just too disturbing. BUT, you can search for it here using the term Spider Bite Squeezed Pus.

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  1. alexis says:

    THIS IS NOT A SPIDER BITE. IT IS STAPH OR MRSA. I had the EXACT same thing, size, color or puss, EVERYTHING!…… STAPH and MRSA are very very difficult to tell apart, even for doctors. This guy needs antibiotics ASAP are else it will continue to spread. In this case, it’s not only ok but necessary to drain the puss from the wound. It can be runny, bloody, and even have a “play-dough” like consistency that hurts like hell to squeeze out. I had to drain mine at least 5 times a day (WITH LATEX GLOVES ON OF COURSE!!) and each time I did, the pain, heat, and burning subsided until several hours later when it built back up again. To all those with insurance/$ issues….this is YOUR LIFE we are talking about. Bite the bullet and get seen by a professional AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!!! Good Luck!

  2. alana ana says:

    hi ill so nasty and ya it again nasty!!!!!!!!!!!!!well i will never look again because i got one but not like that i dont even know if it is that

  3. steven says:

    I’feel spider bites are not funny,and this is serious we,as people need to be educted why,because some people die from this. I belive,I might have been bitten by one my self. Icant af0rd a doctor,to look at it,but I do not know what else to do. some good advice would be help full, Thank you.

  4. ashley smith and derrick anderson says:

    i didn’t puke that was sick though i swear before my uncle died of herwin he had a huge spider bite me and my boyfriend derrick are laughing at the guy the guys face is big we thought the same thing it was a tooth problem. i’m sick of that guy hes probably posted it to get attention OK so that’s what i think thank u so much if you agree with me.

  5. mitchell rainbird says:

    i have been bitten by something it was this tiny black thing and its starting to hurt can anyone advise me what to do

  6. Eric Justice says:

    Christianne says:

    July 11, 2010 at 4:41 am

    It is a spider bite. Spider bites can cause MRSA. The long thing at the end of the video, that he was using tweezers on, was an egg sack. Spiders have become frighteningly dangerous, more toxic, and are evolving fast. I have long hair, and I’ve had them hide in my hair and then bite me on the scalp. The bite that I got on the scalp was exactly like the guys in the video, and it took months to heal. Of course, Dr.s and medical staff INSISTED that I was a “dirty” person and that it was an infection, when in fact, I knew better. I’m not a dirty person, and I saw the spider that bit me. Why are medical people so closed minded about these things? Finally last weekend, after years of arguing, a Dr. finally admitted/realized that a spider bite had caused a person to contract MRSA. I’ve known this to be the case for years, I’ve seen it happen, but Dr.s are just now seeing it.


    Cameron says:

    July 26, 2010 at 1:42 am

    This is not a spider bite, this is a parasite that is found in tropical regions such as South America, Filippense etc. This video has been on Youtube for a while posted by the guy in the video how happen to be filippeno. I believe it to be the Botfly.


  7. Eric Justice says:

    i don’t think it’s a spider bit at all, i think it’s a boil, i have a couple of friends that get them and they get just as big and they squeeze the same stuff out from the boil. spiders are venomous and i don’t think that their venom has bacteria in it, but i could be wrong.

  8. heather says:

    hello, it’s called drawing salve, it comes in a orange thin tin and it works i had a brown recluse spider bite on my are and i put it on and cleaned it every three hours for five days and it took the venom out but i still had to go get the sack taken out that the spider laid in my arm. it was gross, i would never leave anything that big or anything small unattended without going to go see a doctor or physician. obviously this guy is very ballsy and kinda dumb if you ask me. just not educated!

  9. rick says:

    The man should have been to the er room days ago, don’t ever squeeze it spreads the infection. For fiddleback or Brown recluse spider bites there is a treatment, its a anti-venom healing balm, its a powerful synergistic mixture of special natural magnetic mineral and oil designed to inactivate poisons,fight infection and regenerate the dead necrotic tissue. I read it on the internet after I got bit on the leg. doc says to take antibiotic and put heat packs on 3-times a day. check out Ascended Health’s Brown recluse spider bite treatment. also good for snake,sunburns,other spiders,tic’s,anything that bites.

  10. Jessica Previtte says:

    this was like kinda nasty but i got a question that string you was pulling at was that eggs in it cause i was trying to think what it was but i hope it gets better though. good luck!

  11. Asia livingston says:

    this is the worse video i have ever seen oh am gosh i cant believe you got bit by some type of spider what kind of spider did you get bit of that was real nasty.

  12. shawty says:

    With no doubt this is staph infection. I have staph on my chin and this is the second time I have gotten it. I’ve been on antibiotics (bactrim) for 3 days now. I have squeezed all that I can out. Once You get the core out. It heals up pretty quickly
    This will not heal without taking an antibiotic.once you get staph it will always come back. I’ve had it 4 times in 2 years. So most likely what You guys are experiencing is mrsa staph. (Cellulitis)

  13. Meredith says:

    This is definitely what I’ve been bitten by. I just squeezed the same oozing puss out of a very solid red painful swollen bite. I have Yellow Sac Spiders throughout my home. I know what they are because I’ve had them for years and have looked them up. I was curious about their funny clear color. I’d always hoped nobody would get bit. I’m just glad it was me and not the kids. Unfortunately, rather than accidentally rolling over on one in bed, or finding one in my clothes, I learned rather painfully that they like to hide in the toilet paper roll! YUCK, and OUCH! I feel like I’ve just given birth and cannot walk!

  14. malaika k says:

    I had millions of bites that this 1 is the most disgusting 1 and the most disturbing.

    I was like @ age 6 then when i seen a 3 year old girl tat got bit by a spider she fell & banged her head on a piece of wood.

    So i hope your ok

  15. pidge says:

    Ok so it was not as bad as I thought. I’ve seen some sick stuff in my life. I grew up on a farm, so yeah that video was not so bad. I have been bitten by many different kinds of spiders. I used to study them but I had a brush with death because of a black widow. I decided to do something less life threatening so i fight fires.

  16. Jonathan Stein says:

    I agree with Mr. Ortley. I am not an MD or PhD, but I have seen a recluse bite. It looked nothing like the video. The person who was bitten was someone I worked with at the time, and after the redness, heat and hardness around the bite, the skin and underlying tissue began to die. He was left with a hole over his stomach about the size of a silver dollar, and required surgery to close the hole.
    And yes, that video is disgusting!!

  17. jen says:

    i am highly allergic to spider bites. i experienced the first one when i was about 6 and my whole face blew up and it was extremely painful. i am now thirty and since then, in just the last few years especially, i have had numerous spider bites that have caused me a great deal of crippling pain. i have never seen the spider actually bite me so i could to tell you which type of spider causes these reactions but i have developed a severe phobia of spiders as a result of them.

    they are almost indistinguishable from a boil so make sure you have it properly diagnosed before you proceed in ANY kind of self treatment and NEVER try to force it out or squeeze it because you will only make an extremely painful situation worse and a practically debilitating issue, depending on the location. make sure you seek medical attention after about 5 days or if it is so painful that you cannot perform typical functions. good luck to all of you who have to deal with this and i hope you never have to deal with anything close to some of the ones i have had to deal with.

    *side note: if you find that this is the reaction you have every time a spider bites you talk to your doctor about getting an eppi-pen to have at the first sign of a problem. you may be able to avoid painful swollen sores if caught in time.

  18. cynthia says:

    i looked this up to because i have a spider bite on my eye but fortunately it doesn’t look like this. i feel really bad for him

  19. nonoy says:

    hello, great website and video. i have a website about insects. i want to add a comments page similar to yours. what software did you use?

  20. Bobbi says:

    I’ve NEVER seen anything so disgusting in my life! Poor guy. I hope he’s OK and can afford a plastic surgeon because he’s going to need one!

  21. Tracy says:

    I started a antibiotic.14 hours after spider bite.thank god because I only had a small portion of that come out my bite. I thought it was a mosquito bite 8 pm at night the next day after shower at 4 my leg blew up and swelled ankle and up to my knee, ankle looked like it had water in it.Started meds. at 1:30 that day. it is now 6 days later.still hard time walking muscle in leg just aches hard to walk. 1 1/2 days ago leg swelling went down. 3 1/2 days after bite , I got a big red spot blue purple whatever then the day after got that kinda white head look.. Now I have a big spot on my leg like a sore and bruise about 1 inch wide and 1 inch long. With real hard spot that is under skin.Going to doctor tomorrow again to make sure it is healing right.. There was no evidence of bite just a tiny needle whole where it started…… Then it showed that circle 3 days later… This just sucks will update tomorrow, and try to get a pic.

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