Giant Spider Webs

Entomologists worldwide are excited about a unique spider web that looks like something out of a movie. The web is so large that it covers several trees and surrounding plants at Lake Tawokoni State Park.

Donna Garde, state park superintendent, took the magnificent picture of the giant spider web below. Walking upon this site may scare many, and it’s reported that some visitors fear that their small dogs may be webbed and consumed. ‘Nothing could be further from the truth!’ It is one of the best bug-free areas in the park, acting as a giant mosquito net.

Giant Spider Web

Although no one has given a definitive answer, many spider experts conclude that the ‘stretch spiders’, pictured below, are working together to form the massive web. Some say these webs happen every few years, while others say it is a rarity.

Giant Spider Web

Stretch Spiders, or Tetragnatha, are found all over the world, although most occur in the tropics and subtropics. They obtain their name from the ability to stretch out and hide on a stick or blade of grass when in danger. These spiders are commonly found close to water and compose large webs. In the case of above, these spiders appear to be working together.

Stretch Spider

If you have seen spider webs like this in your area or have more information, please post for others to see!

If you would like to see these webs for yourself, visit Lake Tawokoni State Park or give them a call at 10822 FM 2475, Wills Point, TX 75169 (903) 560-7123

Lake Tawakoni State Park is a 376.3-acre park in Hunt County with 5.2 miles of shoreline along the south central shore of the reservoir’s main body. The park operates the 36,700 surface acre reservoir and Iron Bridge Dam on the headwaters of the Sabine River.

A special mention to Sonya Fenton, who was very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with ‘thank you, Sonya!’

You’ll notice all the bugs captured within the spiderwebs in many of the thumbnails below. Some look dark in color because of the number of insects collected!

Spider Web Thumbnail 4Spider Web Thumbnail 5Spider Web Thumbnail 8Spider Web Thumbnail 10

Spider Web Thumbnail 1Spider Web Thumbnail 2Spider Web Thumbnail 3Spider Web Thumbnail 7Spider Web Thumbnail 9

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  1. Jim says:

    Hi Sylvia,

    The common assumption with these webs are that stretch spiders are working together.

    It’s something that you would expect to see from a horror show and amazing that these actually exist. It’s the stuff nightmares are made of :)

    Thank you for taking the time to share!


  2. Sylvia Scotting says:

    Hi I have found this huge spider web at least 20ft in length shown in the four images below. You can click on the image to enlarge it.

    Images of Giant Spider Webs 1 of 4Images of Giant Spider Webs 2 of 4Images of Giant Spider Webs 3 of 4
    Images of Giant Spider Webs 4 of 4

    I have no idea what has made this and was wondering if you had any ideas.

  3. greg says:

    Spiders under certain circumstances of humid and warm definitely on conditions before spring can become sporadically at places at huge numbers for the same reasons as mosquitoes and flies can get. Since nature always is at a certain equilibrium the same happens between insects and their predators. There are social spiders, there are spiders tending to live alone mostly but sometimes can create colonies of thousands and thousands most of them not bigger than a penny. The same happened millions of years before, the same happens every year and will the years to come if life still goes on.

    The process does not happen in just one day and the next day ends but it takes up months and months depending on weather, food and other animals…

    This type of thing does not mean that the end is coming or that all these are spiders that will kill up the entire population or a person … this is story for kids in the movies…

    Why is there always a feeling that suffering from phobias like spiders seems nowadays to look like normal… and those who have no phobias know things better or even accept facts and become friendly or even like seems to be weird… Probably because arachnology and nature sciences are still not fully known even unknown, too many Hollywood movies, old untrue stories tales and myths even deliberately said for causing more public fear and concern.

  4. loloken says:

    Hi, is another name for these spiders, orb weavers? Also, I have seen webbing like this but it was caused by tent worm catepillars or at least it looked the same?

  5. misty says:

    those spider bites are gruesome. i hope i don’t come in contact with one if i do ill take a pic and send it. that guy that got his knee cap took off must be in pain.and those poor babies. well ill contact back the next time a relative gets bit so you guys can try to find out what kind it is.

  6. sierra jayy says:

    okay so i got bit, about two days ago….. when i went to bed the night before there was no bite. When i woke up, i woke up with 5 bites, and on is really bad… their all hard, swollen and red… one has puss coming out, but the others don’t. the biggest one has almost a perfectly round circle around the bite, can you please tell me what kind of spider this was, and if i should get it checked out. thanks!(:

  7. cheerchick says:

    I have gotten a bite 2 days ago and just now whit string(like a web) came out of it with almost a scabby plug at the end!!!! i need help!! what does that mean and what spider does that??? should i go to my doc.??????????? some please help!!!! :(

  8. cheerchick says:

    I used to love spiders but recently I’ve gotten bitten!!! this one scares me because white string (almost like a web) came out of it!!!!! I’ve only seen that once and it was with the new spider man!! please someone help me get answers!!!!!

  9. maycee says:

    now that’s freaky, I’m terrified of spiders so those pictures send shivers down my back thinking of how big those spiders must be.

  10. Tessa says:

    How can spiders build that big of a web that must of took a long time to build and a lot of effort! Still that is so AMAZING!!!!!

  11. Mike Dyson says:

    I wanted to know if you are bitten by a spider in the finger, will it get numb and throb if it is poison and what percausions shall I take.

  12. Lee Rood says:

    I have a question if you wold not mind. Are spider webs able to conduct electricty that would cause damage to electrical equipment?

  13. pam says:

    The kind of spider that can spin a huge web shortly after you tear it down is an orb spider they are huge and beautiful. Take them down and they are back by the next day

  14. tages says:

    this is a awsome pict of spider webs. i had to do a projectn on this. and i even went to go see the webs in person

  15. John Bath says:

    Could someone tell me how a spider can get the silk thread many feet in distance from one tree to another.

  16. jaime says:


    I’m Jaime from Suffolk in England and I think I may have found one of these stretch spiders webs! I’ve included a few pictures of these spider webs below and look forward to here from you.

    Picture 1 of massive spider webs in suffolk englandPicture 2 of massive spider web in suffolk englandPicture 3 of massive webs in suffolk england

  17. NITA says:

    Thats crazy, creepy, and cool all at once. I never would have thought that spiders could do that. But i guess you learn something new everyday. I’m one of those people who are terrified of spiders i actually passed out one time when one went across my tummy. But at the same time I’m fascinated by them to. I don’t know why but theres just one of those bugs you cant help but be afraid of but drawn to also maybe I’m weird but thats how i think about them

  18. Shawna says:

    i live in AZ and have seen what looks like spiders working together before, but never on this scale. this is beautiful. thank you for sharing.

  19. Henry McQuown says:

    “Spider webs.” During the Mig hatch at Klamath and Agency lake in southern Oregon. The miges are in massive numbers and web covered plants like those shown in your artical start apearing. Especially along the hwy where the vortex from passing big rigs swirl and condense the bugs into massive clouds that drift along the raod side. Spiders take advantage of this food supply and do not eat their young so several generations of spiders are all working in one location. I will attempt to photo document the types and numbers of spiders next spring when the hatch occures.

  20. Donna says:

    What kind of spider would build a magnificent web in less than 12 hours. We went out to out car and noticed a beautiful web that could not have possibly been there the day before. I always thought that it takes a lot of skill for spiders to build such webs. Also we have a lot of spiders in the house we are now renting and we have noticed a lot of little marks that mostly itch but some do not and they are red. I am really concerned about that. Two of my three kids have bites and I also have bites.

  21. virginia says:

    i have a brown spider on my front porch. it looks like a brown recluse but we are not sure he has a huge web going from my rail and up to my gutter. i have two lil ones that run in and out all day long and i dont want them to get hurt how do i determain what kind of spider it is and,what is the best way to rid of it?

  22. Jim says:

    When you do, tell Sonya that you heard about it at – if you can, please take some pictures and post them for everyone to see. I would imagine these giant spider webs have changed since the last pictures were taken.

    Thanks Tinker!

  23. Mary says:

    Wow! These spiders must be communicating on some level, is no one worried about this? Before I looked at the larger picture, I thought that last snapshot was a human caught in the web. Imagine waling under those webs at night. I am sure my brain will use this while I’m sleeping tonight!

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