Diabetes Misdiagnoses

Friends of ours just discovered their 6 year old son has Juvenile Diabetes. The look of pain on Mom and Dad’s face is transparent as Jordon takes his shot, but being the little trooper he is, Jordon says “Don’t worry, I’ll get used to it”?

Doctor discussing Juvenile Diabetes with child.

The day before entering the hospital, Jordon was urinating every 30 minutes which clued the parents in that something was not right. His blood sugar level was at 497 and he was immediately referred to another hospital more equipped to deal with this form of Diabetes.

What is odd is that Jordon went in for a test a few months before and everything checked out fine. Now, he’s diagnosed with Juvenile Diabetes. More odd was that the doctor specializing in this field asked if Jordon had any recent significant events, such as surgery.

Jordon did in fact have surgery to have tubes placed in his ears a month or so before. Upon hearing this, the doctor seemed concerned and said “He Did?” – it’s not much, but the expression on the doctor’s face and the way the question was asked hinted that the doctor knew something. Nothing else was mentioned and the doctor continued the consultation.

Perhaps the doctor knew something or has seen enough to make a conclusion, but in the medical industry, and for legal purposes, you just don’t mention a hypothesis without factual information, so the thought stayed private.

I’ve seen misdiagnoses many times; let me quickly tell you about two serious errors. I had a lump on my tongue which doctors lopped off, tested and diagnosed with cancer. A throat specialist was smart enough to suspect that I had Mono and retested (at 38, it’s rare and can mimic cancer); Mono it was, no cancer and the lump was simply a swollen glad brought on by Mono. Without the retest, I can only imagine what would have happened!

While living in Florida (we are originally from and now living in Michigan) my wife was diagnosed with a hyperthyroid (an overactive thyroid gland that causes excessive sweating, tremors, heart problems, etc.) The doctors wanted to use radioactive Iodine to kill part of the thyroid to bring it back down to normal levels.

Luckily, we never had the procedure and moved back to Michigan shortly after. It was a misdiagnosis and within two months, her thyroid went back to normal! Turns out it was the climate, but the doctors never suggested this (or perhaps didn’t know about it). Had she killed part of the thyroid, she would now have the opposite problem, a hypothyroid!

Cure for Juvenile Diabetes

If the doctor says your child needs attention, it’s nothing to ignore and they can provide immediate treatment to bring levels to what they should be.

The point of this page is not claim that doctors are misdiagnosing diabetes, but rather to bring to light patterns that may be an underlying cause to some cases of Juvenile Diabetes; patterns that the doctor may not be aware of or can’t legally say. If we can find a pattern, we can narrow the cause and hopefully, find a less invasive (or natural) treatment.

Perhaps when the body is traumatized, such as surgery for ear tubes, it somehow causes something in the body to produce more sugar. Doctors are not even sure what causes diabetes, but perhaps the information found here may help Jordon or others in some way. As it stands, Jordon’s life has changed, forever.

How you can Help

Perhaps you, your child or someone you know has also had surgery or trauma of some type before being diagnosed with Juvenile or Type 1 Diabetes? If you have any information whatsoever that may help, please leave a comment. You do not have to use your real name.

Disclaimer: I am in no way suggesting that you not seek medical advice or avoid treatment but rather looking for ideas, suggestions and creative thought.

Here are some ideas that visitors have suggested:

One visitor said they were shown a heat map for Diabetes that displayed how many incidents occur in parts of the state (something to do with GIS and incidents of registered Diabetes). The area their child was in was flagged as a hot spot. If anyone comes across this map, please let us know. [diabetes registry, diabetes heat map, diabetes hotspots, etc].

Vaccines – speculation that these HOT areas may have something to do with vaccines.

Pop – speculation that Aspartame is somehow involved can be found on defeatdiabetes.org, which can now be found here:
Defeat Diabetes: Aspartame – The Silent Killer (archive.org)

A quote from this page states:

I assure you that MONSANTO, the creator of Aspartame, knows exactly how deadly their product is. They fund the American Diabetes Association, the American Dietetic Association, Congress, and the Conference of the American College of Physicians. They have the contacts and the power to keep their product on the market. Public health means nothing to these people, it’s all about making money.

Vomit – was your child recently sick and vomiting? Ketones used to determine T1D and can show in your urine after a frequent vomiting which may register as diabetes.

Check thyroid, vitamin D, folic acid and B12.

There are a number of comments related to ear tubes and T1D (Type 1 Diabetes), see below.