Necrotic Arachnidism Syndrome: Life Cycle

This is the life cycle of a necrotic arachnidism syndrome (spider bite). You’ll see it start from a small spider bite, to 1 hour with sever headache, impaired vision and weak to 18 hours producing joint pains (erythema endurated edema) all the way to 6 months later with a cratered scar.

Spider Bite Cycle

The spider bite cycle above is courtesy Oregon State Government.

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  1. The Arachnidude says:

    Freaky “spider bite cycle” pictures. I have my own tarantula named Henry who I love and handle…
    He’s never bitten me, heck I’ve never been bitten by ANY spider. I love spiders, and I have a hypothesis that spiders have a psychic power telling the arachnids whether or not the 4-foot-tall giant in front of them likes spiders and won’t kill them or they hate spiders and will kill them. Oh well. Today’s my 10’th birthday, and I want to hold Henry.

  2. kenneltech says:

    I got bit about 3 days ago on the hand, and it was slightly swollen and red, now you can barely even see it. But, my hand keeps going so numb I can’t use it. And then it starts to hurt starting in my thumb and going up to my elbow. My middle finger won’t bend all the way like a fist. I don’t know what to tell a doctor or even what kind of doctor to go to, but I think I should get it checked out. Can anyone help? I live in Colorado, if that helps any.

  3. beverly osborn says:

    Want to add to my first comment after reading some of these–YES the toxins do return and can cause significant damage both to the site and to internal organs-How you can tell if its a brown recluse–usually it really hurts either when bitten or not long after-but also there is a very strange feeling like an internal”burning” at the site–

    that is the best way I can describe it–it is a horrible feeling.Everyone of course, will respond differently–there can be fever, blurred vision, feeling like the flu, vomiting, tiredness, headaches–

    I have been bitten at least four times now and am luckily becoming immune sort of. Use the activated charcoal and the pain is instantly gone and the healing starts.Doctors wont tell you about that.Of course it never hurts to take some antibiotics too.

  4. beverly osborn says:




  5. ibby nddaat says:

    To all you people commenting I have got bit by a white tail spider 3 months ago. My reaction was vomiting headache swelling I went to the hospital they have told me it’s all good just take antibiotics a month later leg swelled up even worse went back to hospital for 3 weeks and till now my leg is swollen I have had multiple bone scans xrays mri’s and they have all came out good but for some people it can take up to 6 months to swell down.

  6. Alexis says:

    To M.E. DePalma, did you figure out what spider bit you? Because I have a bite that looks just like that. Did yours get worse?

  7. Karson says:

    A couple of days ago I saw 3 little brown dots on the side of my left knee. I looked at them closely and it looked as if the skin on the small dots turned brown. I never really refrain from picking at things like that and scraped the skin away. One day later, the dots looked like very tiny craters, and the dots haven’t got bigger but I’m just a little worried. Any suggestions on what possibly bit me???

  8. kaylee baker says:

    Please help!! my 5 year old daughter got bitten by i think it was a brown recluse (but people say we don’t have them in pa) but hats what it looked like to the t. but she got bit in June 2009 and ever since then she gets severe headaches (migraines) vomiting and very tired every month for about 3-5 days at a time. she also has a vp shunt due to an arachnoid cysts. we have had several CT scans and they all come back okay.

    Should i tell the doc. about the bite? i feel so bad for her shes in so much pain. the day before we noticed she got bit she had flu like symposium and a severe headache we took her to er they said she had the flu. (no one else in home got the flu) please help us email me ay kay121909 [at] do it for my baby please!!!!!!!!

  9. deborah says:

    I am concerned about my friend who has a bite on the back of neck. It is rock hard, dark red, with two openings that look like fang marks. She’s been dizzy and fatigued since first noticing the bite about a week ago. I realize you can’t give medical advice but what sort of doctor would be able to identify the bite? The first physician she saw at her HMO pooh poohed her symptoms and the bite itself.

  10. R Mirecki says:

    I’m concerned that many of the affected individuals posting comments want to exclusively self-treat.
    Some have stated they were bitten several days prior.
    Bites in sensitive areas such as the face, near an eye, fingers, etc, and those showing necrosis, need to be properly treated quickly to avoid scarring or even amputation (especially fingers). Also, think about bites to children and infants.
    I think the advice on this site is best utilized by sharing the info with a health-care provider that will incorporate it into your treatment. Without having previously gone through the experience of of successfully treating a bite in the past, a novice is likely to miss important medical signs, and may endanger their health, lose vision, or lose a limb. In some cases, there is no time for mistakes.

  11. chrissy says:

    I got bit by what was diagnosed to be a brown recluse twice on my thigh whee I was 9 years old. I am now 25. I remember I was very sick after the bite and just could not fight the infection well. I ran several courses of antibiotics before healing.

    Later in life I always had problems with that leg, like in sports, lots of running would cause it to flare up and be painful and I developed 2 tiny holes in the cratered scar area on my thigh that would leak out fluid and I would be put on antibiotics again and again. Now the area looks like a crater in my thigh with 2 scars in in at 2 tiny pin sized holes that bug the crap out of me….they get hard and the skin looks black underneath them but nothing comes out of the holes . The cratered area has never really gained back complete feeling . wondering if anyone knows what the heck this is and what i should do?

  12. Miranda says:

    I got a some sort of bite when I was in Costa Rica from Dec. 22 to Jan. 9th. It’s not February 16th and the bites are the same if not worse now. They are very swollen and keep scabbing and re-opening again. Does anyone have any idea’s of what I should do, or just go to a travel clinic? I appreciate your help!! I’ve sent a picture of them off.

    Two red bites on foot

  13. Rebecca says:

    mine is a lot like, M.E. DePalma

    it doesn’t have any pus, but it’s a little sore to the touch.
    it has gotten a little darker, but the inflammation seems to have gone down,

    I’ve had this for about 2 weeks

  14. Joshua says:

    I have read several comments, I am wondering how you can tell a spider bite from a zit or pimple, cause some of the pictures seem to look like ordinary things I see now and then that don’t require much attention.

  15. Joshua says:

    A few years ago, it was late and my brothers had fallen asleep, but i had not, then this huge black spider had come from are window, and climbed the bed, though i saw it, i did not get a clear look, i know it was big, but later that day, are mom had said that the spider was very small, and fast, and that she had killed it, but i know it had to be a larger spider due to that its length was much larger when it was dark, im not sure what kind it is, but please if you think you know tell me, and nice website, it seems i had a jar of brown widow spiders…seems scary now, but ive kept worst, like black widows.

  16. Tyler says:

    to:#11 i think ur problem could be bed bugs if i were u i would call in a proffesionel to determine what it is if its bedbugs u can get ur house sprayed but thats not enough the extrmiator will knowwhat to do I hope this helps.

  17. Tymes says:

    I have checked out a few of your posts and found some great information, just wanted to say thanks there is so much garbage out there, it’s nice to know some people still put time into managing there sites.

  18. steve beddingfield says:

    today is nov.1st 2009,my ordeal started on may 28,2009. At first I noticed a series of pimple like lesions on my forearms,63 to be exact.15 others were on head and neck,25 more on my shoulders and back,14 on my chest area.none below the belt area.For the first month not much progession and not a lot of concern on my part.Then things went south,necrotic arachinidsm symn. set in and was textbook for bites from black or hobo spiders.I saw one black spider bite one of the existing lesions and killed it.The pain from Hell set in at all bite sites.

    The bite areas had liquid filled egg shaped things that when pain was too much I removed with a s.s.knife or plastic pick for teeth.It didn’t rupture the sacs like the knife did.When ruptured the liquid sent me to a torturous hell that lasted 30 to 45 mins.My blood pressure was of the chart,lighting flashes in eyes,breathing required yoga techniques,as I didn’t know if I was breathing or not,my speech was confused,and didn’t think I was going to survive.I thought of Christ when He was experiencing the pain of clarification and the Holy Father asked if he wanted divine intervention.Christ refused to accept the intervention whereas I pleaded for it on behalf of my young children and myself.Without it I would certainly be dead. My pain and recovery can also be attributed to the knowledge and kindness of 81 year old Ralph Kissellburg who as a child was taught by the Cherokee Indians a herbal cure that required access to wild Hydrangea and apoltice made from it.

    The cambuim layer was scraped after the bark was removed.I wet it with a little spring water and applied it directly onto the wound,and kept it moistened and wrapped with sterile gauze.After four hours I stopped keeping it a little mois and allowed it to start drying.Then the process started all over with fresh herbs and water.As soon as the application was started the pain started to subside and I could feel the toxins coming towards the poltice and out of my body.Such a simple cure for such a horrible set of wounds.I can’t thank him and his wife enough for passing this cure to me.This cure was also made possible by the CHEROKEE INDIANS that were brought here to Cherokee,N.C.

    The Kissellburgs Help many others at their home there.The fact that I am a nurseryman of sorts came into play as well.I had six very large Japanese Hydrangea in my front yard that possessed the same green and yellow cambium layer as the wild does and was much easier to access than the wild.I have some satellite wounds that keep arising and demand my attention,but they are miniscule when compared to the original bites.My blood pressure is still high and spikes occasionally,especially if I mess with the sat. lesions that remain.The pics that I documented my experience with will bear testament to my personal hell and and the miracle that saved me from certain death.My kids are still nervous about my health as organ damage has yet to be determined.Visits by local docs bore nothing but confusion and embarrassment.What a ride!

  19. Scott says:

    I have the same bite from #3, it has now been 2 weeks, and it is reduced to a little bump at the original site and 3 other bumps around the site, and it itches very much. Any ideas?

  20. charlene says:

    my bite looks just like #3 M.E. Depalma. i’m a little worried. I don’t have any pain but, the pus in the middle burst and blood was left behind in place. It was red around it now it’s more of a brown color. Can anyone advise???

  21. Sara says:

    About a week ago I noticed that there was a small swollen area on my lower leg about half the size of a quarter with a yellow blister in the middle. I figured it was a spider bite because I have seen several of what appear to be Hobo spiders in the house lately, I didn’t know much on treating it so I just cleaned it and disinfected it. A few days later the swelling was gone and now just a small hardened bump is left. I was wondering about the best way to treat possible future bites.

  22. Phoenix Pest Control says:

    Just to make you aware:
    The development of the Phoenix AZ region, has inspired the construction of homes, estates and businesses; and unintentionally created an oasis for pests. Readily available food and water, contribute to the growth, development and spread of Phoenix pest control problems. As a result, the proliferation of Phoenix pest control problems like the Fire Ant, Scorpion and Black Widow Spider; have caused more damage to real estate in the United States, than fires and storms combined.

  23. Moxygirl says:

    My husband was bit 3 months ago by what we believe was a brown widow spider. He fell asleep on the couch and woke up to a sharp pain on his lip. An hour or so later he was sweating profusely, nauseated and crampy and his heart was racing. He was treated with a pretty extensive dosage of antibiotics for a few weeks and felt better after about a week. The tissue on his lip did die and after about a month his lip was healed, although it did scar.

    Fast forward to this weekend…he started complaining that his lip was “feeling weird” again, like it did when he got bit. Sure enough, it is again developing a large blister (not like a cold sore) and is swollen although not anywhere near as bad as the first time.

    Do these bites cause residual symptoms/reactions months later or this just a crazy coincidence?

  24. purple rain says:

    I seem to have spent ages looking for sites like this, yours is the best I have seen today! Well done!

    Google blog search has you pretty well indexed for Purple Rain it seems! you have some and informative stuff on collecting here!

  25. Elizabeth says:

    Yesterday i attended a barbacue and i as walking through the park grass when i felt this horrible pain on my foot! it was really painful and i thought it was an ant, i hit whatever was on my leg off and i saw no ant but a spider..i could not identify this spider because i hit it off my leg to fast..the pain slowly went away and i sat down to take a look at was the size of very small ant bite almost invisable however today this is what it looks like..

    Its sooo itchy and a little painful..the size of the redness increased over nite! any adeas as to what bit me!

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