Spiders On Drugs

Spider on drugs and the impact a drug can have on an insect.This is an interactive video of Spiders On Drugs. It’s educational and allows you to participate by selecting the type of drug given to the spider; once drugged, the spider will then weave his web demonstrating just how damaging drugs can be to insects and humans!

Although the animations are added for effect, the completed web is completely real and based on studies discussed below.

A test was performed where spiders were given a number of drugs which included LSD, Caffeine, Mescaline and Hash.

The spiders on drugs would weave a spider web and then the web would be analyzed. The end results were amazing and produced some very strange looking designs.

This animation allows you to feed your spider one of the drugs mentioned above. Once the spider consumes the drug, it sets out to build the spider web.

[This interactive video is being redesigned. Please check back later.]

The end result, the final spider web, is the actual design created by the spider on that particular drug* but the actual process of creating that web is embellished a bit : )

However, if you feed the spider the regular fly, the web and process of creating that web is an accurate representation and not embellished.

Effects of Drugs on the brain

Spiders on Caffeine
The picture below is of a spider web who was on Caffeine, this web seems to be the most confusing design of all – perhaps I should stop drinking Dew!!!

Caffeine Spider Web

Spider on Mescaline
This spider web below was made by a spider who ate a fly filled with Mescaline, the extract from peyote used in native American religious ceremonies.

Mescaline Spider Web

Spider Web – Hash
The image below is what happens when a spider eats a fly injected with hash. Not a big change from the picture above but the spider web is missing more.

Spider Web Hash

Spider on LSD
Here is what you get when you have a spider that is on LSD. The spider just forgot the detail, a major portion of the web!
Spider Web LSD

Spider Webs
The spider web below is a normal web and was made by a spider free of drugs!

Spider Web

As you can see, the drug that caused the spider to weave a completely whacked out web was Caffeine. Makes you wonder if the same proportion were given to a human what the effect would be!

Now, ask yourself this, what in the world did the spiders take that built this Giant Spider Web? And to think they had to communicate to make it all happen – send chills down my spine!

* I have spent a lot of time on the web researching the tops of ‘spiders on drugs’. My findings are based on tests completed by universities and other creditable resources. If you find something that may be of value to our readers or a correction, please post – thank you!

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